In the booking page you are able to upload pictures into the system and manage your booking widget that you can insert on your website

Pictures, Room Descriptions, Colors and Terms need to be setup for the Godo Booking Button. 

Here you find the following settings in Godo:

Pictures: 'Settings' → 'Booking Page' → 'Pictures'

Room Descriptions: 'Properties' → 'Rooms' → 'Setup' -> 'Room description 1'

Colors: 'Settings' → 'Booking Page' → 'Page Design' → 'Style'

Terms: 'Settings' → 'Properties' → 'Description' → 'General Policy/Cancellation Policy'

Code for your website: 'Settings' → 'Booking Page' → 'Booking Widgets'

For example: iFrame, Booking box, Booking Strip, Link etc…

Link to your Booking Button:

Examples of 2 different Booking Buttons, iframe and Link: 



Example of our booking button: