Accounting connection Godo Property & DK 

How does it work? 

Godo property can send booking information directly to DK accounting where you can either have a printed or unprinted invoice. Godo Property connects all accommodation to one product ID called "accommodation" f.ex. and on the invoice itself you will be able to identify what kind of an accommodation it is. City tax is included in the price sent from Godo Property.

For the connection between Godo Property and DK, we need the following:

  1.  Send a request to and ask them to connect the hotel to Godo Property. They will then forward information about connection to, ask them to have name and company ID as well.
  2.  Choose a salespersons number for Godo Property -> Salesperson:; (F.ex. 001). 
  3.  Choose a product ID for accommodation -> Product ID: (F.ex. gisting - 1005). 
  4.  Choose a city tax -> Stay Tax: (F.ex. CTAX). 

Payments in DK: 

We can setup a default payment way that is linked to our paybutton, so whenever you use the paybutton a default payment way is linked to the invoice. If you have bookings for travel agencies, then you can skip it for example. 

Invoice descriptions: 

Product descriptions come from the charge lines in the bookings from Godo Property. You can also have a pre set text setup in the charges lines by default with templates variables. If you want to change the product descriptions you contact us but for the layout of the invoice itself you will have to contact DK.