Updates in the pay button

1. Send payment links directly from Godo Property. 

There are two options: 

  1. A payment link that charges the card. 
  2. A payment link that only adds the card into Godo Property but does NOT charge immediately.

See more info here.  

2. Preauthorization of a credit.

By selecting Preauthorize only (check box), the card is not charged but only a preauthorization made.

When this is done, the preauth shows up as a line of type "PreAuth" instead of "Charge".
You can then decide to capture the payment at a later time or click "Void" to cancel the preauth. 

See more info here. 


Updates in our invoice system

  • Invoice- and payment lines will now lock when an invoice has been created.
  • Invoice- and payment lines will open and be editable when a credit invoice has been created.
  • Possible to create multiple invoices per customer per booking.
  • More detailed information for invoices in bookings. E.g. currency, date, and more.

    See more information here.

Updated look of the Godo Property Control Panel.