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few calls, stay, new bookings, pay issues short and long terms, reports for today/3/7/14/non refundable/stracta, invoice for stracta and stay, reviews on AirBnb up to date, answered the unanswered message on and (I have noticed many bookings that were not balanced to 0 and confirmation mails have not been sent - I sent and answered to all msgs that I noticed), many reports to IT regarding the pay button issues.

#430677 - Hotel Hallormsstadur is not in our pro clients list and yet we have received a new booking ticket

In Stay B-301 the sewerage was not working properly, some of the cleaning company fixed it this morning

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Regarding ticket  430677  for some reason Freshdesk moved this ticket to our New booking notification group. Nothing to worry about though.

Thank you for going over Airbnb! :)

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