To be able to use auto-charging feature for our Pro clients, it's necessary to check a set up the following:

  1. notify url - property has to have our notify url for all PCI bookings using clients, not only for Pro
    1. To see if the Notify Url is set up go to Settings  >  Properties  > Link
    2. If the Notify Url is empty, click on "Generate Notify Url"
  2. Pronto users - In the database there has to be set that the user is also using Pronto
  3. Enable property in the following accounts:
  • 52874    pro-charges-auto-actions - this will assure auto payments for Non Refundable bookings and virtual cards activated on checkin date.
  • enable the property in one of these accounts, depending on the cancellation policy:
    • 54983    pro-auto-charge-3days
    • 54984    pro-auto-charge-7days
    • 54990    pro-auto-charge-14days