This document describes how auto charging is set up to handle different types of cards and bookings. An example of these triggers in action is under the pro-charges-auto-actions (52874) account.

Communication with the client:

What do we need to know from the client to set this up?

1. What booking channels is the property live on

2. What is the standard rate cancellation policy.

Canned Response is ready and called "Pay Button: Sjálfvirkar greiðslur" 

Things to keep in mind:

  • The property has to have the New Pay Button set up, since auto charging does not work on the old version of the pay button.
  • On the account 63683 auto-charging-property, auto triggers are already set up for NR and Virtual cards from and 
  • You only have to make the client's property visible on that account for the auto charging for NR and Virtual cards to work.
  • You always have to set up the Standard rate auto charging trigger on the owner account.
  • If the client is on Agoda or you will have to set up the trigger on the client's owner account. You may find the triggers to copy on account: 52874 pro-charges-auto-actions
  • The auto charging does not (at this stage) work for HotelBeds.
  • You might want to set up Auto Invoicing for the client as well if they do already have "Bókhaldstenging". Here are the steps for Auto Invoicing set up.
  • Það sem þarf auðvitað að hafa í huga er að hver og einn property kúnni er ekkert eins og Suite kúnni svo ef greiðslan fór ekki í gegn í Auto charging (ógilt kort, ekki heimilað osfrv) að þá er ekki vitlaust að setja upp Auto Trigger með flaggi sem automatískt kemur á bókunina ef greiðslan fór ekki í gegn.

Cost of the new Pay button:

Make it crystal clear to the client that the feature Auto Charging costs more due to the PCI (here is an explanation about the difference between the old and new)

  • Korta
    • Monthly Fee: 2190 ISK + vsk
    • Transaction fee: 9 ISK
    • Debit: 0,6 
    • Credit card: 1,55 %

  • Valitor
  • Borgun
    • Hliðarsamningur hér með verð

  • Action to be taken once the client says yes to the new pay button and auto charging feature:
  • Korta: If the client is using the Old pay button but wants to switch over to the New Pay Button and get "Auto Charging" set up you must send an email to and ask him to change the transaction fee from 3 to 9 króna.
  • Valitor: to come...
  • Borgun: to come...

Final step:

  • Create a ticket into Support Freshdesk assigned to Zuzana
  • Indicate the owner account ID and simply say this client wants to change from the old to the new pay button.


The Set Up:

A trigger for each type of booking

In order to have auto charging work for all types of bookings you need to set up at least 3 triggers.

  • Non-refundable charging
  • Standard charging
  • At least one for virtual cards that are activated on a specific date (For example checkin-day). You need to have a trigger for each possible charging date.

Setting up a trigger

  1. Create an auto action (Guest management -> Auto actions) and configure the webhook tab (you can copy the text from the bottom of the page). 
  2. Create the conditions for the trigger, lets look at non refundable for example. 
  • We need to make sure that the trigger waits 1 hour so that the system has time to load the card into the payment system. 
  • We want to exclude bookings that have a balance of 1 or less. This is because some bookings can have a leftover balance of less than one because of currency exchange variance (gengismismunur).
  • We also want to always trigger the charge on the master so that a group charge is triggered instead of the same card being charged for each sub-booking.

  • We need to make sure that we exclude bookings that are picked up by the virtual card triggers so that we not charging the cards to soon.
  • We need to match all possible non refundable rate descriptions so that we catch all non refundable bookings
  • We need to exclude all rate descriptions that are "rewritten from Non refundable" F.ex Standard rewritten from non refundable is not a valid non refundable rate.
  • This is optional but you can exclude bookings that are suspicious or that are booked by Icelanders (used in PRO/SUITE)

*To copy the triggers for virtual cards / non refundable you can log into Account nr 52874 pro-charges-auto-actions 
Triggers number:
175377   auto charging for cancelled NR expedia virtual cards

173383   1 day after check in virtual card 

146853   NR bookings auto charge (except virtual check in day cards)

146850   Virtual cards auto charging on checkin day

*To copy a standard rate trigger you can log into Account nr 54983 pro-auto-charge-3days.
Triggers number: 

151455   Standard rate  *Note to check what the standard rate policy is with the property to set it correctly!

Enabling auto charging

  1. To enable auto charging for non refundable and virtual card bookings, give the account auto-charging-property (63683) access to the property.
  2. To enable standard auto charging you need set up an auto action in the owner account for the property (or any other account that has access to the property).


Webhook settings


Custom Header - Content-Type: application/json

Body Data - 


  "doCharge": true,

  "doInvoice": false,

  "printedInvoice": true,

  "addPaymentLineForInvoice": false,

  "chargePercentage": 100


Non refundable rate descriptions - Non Refundable|Non refundable|Non-Refundable|Non-refundable|NR

Non refundable exclude rate descriptions - rewritten from  Non Refundable|ExpediaCollect

Standard rate descriptions - Standard|Room only

Standard rate exclude rate descriptions - rewritten from Standard Rate|rewritten from Standard|ExpediaCollect