New Control Panel styles

December 2nd, 2020

We have released new style of control panel. Changes are mostly visual and were done with overall user friendliness and accessibility in mind.

What has changed?

  • Navigation
    • Better mobile navigation
    • Navigation on the left  is collapsible. It opens via the settings icon on the left
  • New USER menu
    • Accessible via the user icon in the top right corner
    • Sub accounts was renamed to "Account Management"
  • Group Booking is now on every page
  • All support functions are centralized under "Support"
  • GUESTS menu can be found in menu item Bookings
  • DAILY PRICES - a new compact view of the CALENDAR where daily prices can be entered. Prices entered there will be automatically populated in the CALENDAR.
  • RATES - with the list view and calendar view of all rates.
  • CHANNEL MAPPING - a list of all daily prices and rates which are activated for channel management.
  • DAILY PRICE SETUP - can be found in menu item Prices
  • YIELD OPTIMIZER - can be found in menu item Prices