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Front Desk - Calendar - Bookings - Guests - Rates - Reports - Settings

Front Desk:

In your Front Desk you have overview of information through the system. This can provide you an overview of your booking statistics, potential issues and

can be used as a Lobby manager to check in or check out your guests. Front desk can be customized per user account.


The Calendar is your main working space when it comes to managing bookings, prices, inventory or other functions such as Minimum stay, Override or Price multiplier. 


Is a list over all your bookings within the system. Here you can sort your information by specific information relevant to your bookings. 


Details are collected within this space about your guests and you can use this page to access bookings as well. 


Rates page contains an overview of your rates, typically used for travel agencies or sending unique prices. 


This tab is enables you to generate reports from the system. Our Standard reports offer multiple types of information such as:





Monthly revenue 

Country report


You can also customize a report to generate information specifically from specific details. 


Properties - Property and Room Settings

Booking Page - Setting up a Booking button on your website, booking rules for the Booking button and uploading pictures into the system.

Guest Management - Auto Actions (e-mail), Invoicing, Invoicees, Booking Templates. 

Channel Manager - Connections to your sales channels. 

Yield Optimizer - The yield optimizer automatically adjusts prices based on availability.


Preferences - Adjusting your work space.

Outgoing Email - Your Email settings. .

Host Notifications - Notifications for the Host

Account Access - Change your password 

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