How to set your property up on AirbnbXML Connection:

Follow these steps: 

A new account needs to be created for AirbnbXML Connections with no existing listings. You will need to verify your account via sms or e-mail.

 (This can also be done after setting up the XML in Godo Property)

'Channel Manager' → 'Airbnb XML'

Specific Content:

View Content - Inserting Information:

Inserting Longitude & Latitude:

Adjusting Room Configuration:

Room Configuration - Description:

Description - Amenities:

Description - Bedrooms:

Description - Bathrooms:

When leaving the Amenities/Bedrooms/Bathrooms window your details will be inserted as here below.

Default Daily Price - Cleaning Fee - Security Deposit:


Property/Rooms - Pictures:

Managing Pictures:

Airbnb XML - Publishing: After connecting(Step 2) you will be directed to Airbnb- here you will need to agree to a channel manager agreement.

Note: If your system is in ISK use this converter *[CONVERT:ISK-EUR]* (with stars) in your price multiplier and set your connection to EUR  

Airbnb XML - Publishing:

Airbnb XML - Publishing: