Here you can see information regarding the first steps that need to be taken before we connect you to a channel manager and go live. 

  • Add Bookings
    To add a manual booking, click the Suite case icon, group icon or add booking:

    Calendar > Add Booking / Group Booking / Suitcase

    When you choose one of these options, you will get a pop-up (or a new tab depending on your account settings).     
    Here you will fill out information regarding the booking. 


  • Add Prices
    To insert prices for your sales channels please select: 
    Calander >Daily Price

    When you click on the daily price line under the date you would like to start adding prices for, you get a small pop-up. Here you insert the price and set the date range. 


  • Close Dates
    To close specific dates or date range, please select: 
    Calander > Override > Stop Sell

    Please note. Stop sell is applied for each room type. To close an entire property, please apply the setting to all room types.


  • Occupancy 
    To see the occupancy per date, please select: 
    Calander > Inventory 

    Next to the suite case icon, you can see the number of rooms available per room type.

    On top of the calendar, you will see the total occupancy of the property. 
    Based on your account settings, you can choose to see occupancy displayed as a percentage, as a number of units booked, or a number of units not booked per day. To adjust your account settings, please navigate to:
    Settings > Account > Account Preferences

  • Overview
    Here is an overview picture of the calendar and main actions.