1. Create a page on your website, where you want your booking page to appear. You have to be able to add HTML code or HTML code element to your page.
  2. Go to Booking Engine> Booking Widgets> Iframe Generator and click on "Get Code"
    You should get something similar to this:
    <iframe src ="https://property.godo.is/booking2.php?propid=74220&amp;referer=iframe" width="800" height="2000" style="max-width:100%;border:none;overflow:auto;"><p><a href="https://property.godo.is/booking2.php?propid=74220&amp;referer=iframe" title="Book Now">Book Now</a></p></iframe>

  3. Copy the generated code and past it into your HTML code element/ editor on your website.

Advanced settings: