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How to add booking page to your website

In case you want to open the booking page in a new page you can choose from a range of widgets in Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Widgets:

  • Links
  • Quick URL
  • Booking Button
  • Enquiry Form

In case you want to embed the booking page within an existing page of your website, go to Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Widgets >Embedded Iframe

Booking page styles

To customise colors and fonts go to Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Page  > Style

You can use the folowing websites to choose your color pallette:

Google fonts settings

The following steps require knowledge of HTML and CSS . You can choose from a larger selection of fonts at

  1. To embed your collection into your booking page, paste the link google provides for the font you want to use into paste in into Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Developer "Advanced HTML Settings" ->"Insert in HTML <HEAD>"

    Example link for "Open Sans" : <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
  2. Add the custom CSS  into Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Developer  "Advanced HTML Settings" ->"Custom CSS"

    Example for "Open Sans":

    .colorbody{font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;}

    replace font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; with the font you want to use.


You can set up layout for your booking page here:

  • Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Page  > Layout

You set the default layout in 

Booking page content

Room and Property Pictures

If you want to put some images of the room types you have in your guesthouse to make it look nicer, you can add them here:

  • Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Pictures> upload and assign pictures to the correct property/correct room type

Room Descriptions and Features

If you want to fill in descriptions for your room types, you can do it in Godo Property here:

  • Settings  >  Properties  > Rooms > click on Edit button and fill in the Description and Features for each room


You can fill in the information about Rates here:
  • Settings  >  Properties  > Offers > fill in Name and Description

Cancellation and Property Policy

There is a possibility to display the Cancellation and Property Policy on the booking page and you can set it here: 

  • Settings > Properties > Description

Location in Google Map

If you will fill in the Longitude and Latitude for your property, you can have a map with the marked location on your booking page:

Adding Property Logo

  1. If you want add a logo for your property, you need to upload it into Godo Property or have them stored in an external service with public access.
    If you want to upload pictures into Godo Property, you can do it here:
    Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Pictures
  2. After uploading the image, copy its link.
  3. Open this page:
    Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Page  > Content
  4. Open Property Description 1 and hit edit
  5. Click on chosen alignment -left, center or right, depending on where you want your logo to appear. Click on Image icon - pop up window will appear.
  6. Paste the copied link into the "URL" field. Set the size of your logo and click Ok.
  7. Optional: You can use the property logo as a link back to your website by adding a link to the image.
  8. Save.
  9. Make sure you have the Property Description 1 component displayed in the layout in Property Top:
    Settings  >  Booking Engine  > Booking Page  > Layout

Changing background picture

This paragraph is relevant in case you are using the styles with picture background.

Go to: Settings  >  Booking Page  > Developer

Find the Custom CSS field and change the url of the example picture to your chosen picture.

Replace this part of the code:

                                                                                                                                                                        Next page

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