How to find the settings for your Booking Button?

Style of Date Prices: Per Room or Per Person

Total Price Style: Total for all Nights or Average Per Night

Default Number of Nights: 1 or more

Default Number of Guests: Amount of Guests on the Booking before adjusting

Minimum Number of Nights: If you would like to rent out the property for minimum number of nights you can insert a value here.

Maximum Number of Guests: Max Occupancy will draw the number set in your property → room settings. 

Maximum Rooms per Page: The amount of rooms displayed in one page.

Room Order: Sell Priority / Unavailable at Bottom / Cheapest First / Expensive First / Hide Unenviable

Page Type: Allow Enquiry and Booking / Allow Enguiry only

Multiple Room Booking: Guests Can Choose / Enable / Disable

Show Extra Marketing Column: No / Yes

Booking Page Price Multiplier: 90% - sends out 10% lower prices than your Daily Price or Rate





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