Accounting Connection - Instructions

Modified on Wed, 24 May 2023 at 02:15 PM

Here is how the accounting connection and Godo work together:



  • When you create a customer in Godo, it is automatically created in DK. (This does not happen the other way around). This happens if "sync customers" is set up in your connection here in Settings - Guest Management - Invoicing. If not you can request that from us. 
  • If you are not logged into the owner account of the property when you create a new customer, it is not made in DK and it is not visible to other accounts that have the property visible through their account. 
  • Under SETTINGS > GUEST MANAGEMENT > CUSTOMERS is the list of customers/invoicees 
  • At the bottom of the page, click 'Create new invoicee'
  • A new window opens up where you have to fill in the information for the new customer. These 4 fields are important to have filled out:
    • The enable field has to be set to 'Yes'
    • The name has to be filled out
    • The correct currency has to be chosen
    • And the Corporate ID number goes under 'Corporate ID'
    • Corporate ID
      • The Corporate ID has to be filled out - This number is what connects the customer in Godo to the correct customer in DK - If it is not filled out you will get error messages.
      • If the customer does not have a Corp ID/Kennitala, you can make up a 10 digit number. 
      • The Corporate ID cannot have dashes '-' letters or symbols
      • For properties that use Regla accounting system, it is important to start the 10 digit code with 99 and following any 8 other digits, for example: 9912341234
      • Never use the same ID number for more than 1 Customer

Creating an invoice

  • Before you can create an invoice, you need to assign a customer to the reservation. This can be done in the Charges & Payment tab. Select the 3 dots on the right of the Charge line and find the correct Customer/invoicee there. 
  • From there, click the  'Invoice' tab, click show and then click 'CREATE' :
  • One click is enough, clicking the create button multiple times could create an error. 
  • By doing this an invoice is being made in DK/Regla.
  • If a change needs to be made on the invoice, you should click 'Credit' on the right hand side. This will create a credit invoice. The lines will then be free to edit at will. When finished you can click create again to make a new invoice.
  • If an error message pops up. It's important to check the customer ID number. Also if products are not chosen from the dropdown menu, their status numbers could be wrong and might trigger an error message.

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