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stay,new bookings, few calls, up to date reviews and airbnb, reports for today/3/7/14 days, pay issue short and long term.

Akureyri door phone not working well.

In Nordurey Hotel, the drama queen in 205 was complaing again. It was too hot and had street noise and toilet is not flushing. I moved them to 208. The guest, hotel reception and Thordis are notified. 

15725644 - cannot be charged in EUR.

16024231 -I carged it once but it shows as double charged

A bad review from Regina Souter for Heradsskolin Apartments (for the shoes removing mostly, which they didn't follow the house rules)

A bad review for Seljalandfoss that there are not enough towels provided, bad customer service because they were told to pay for an extra night for a guarantee early check in.

Nordurey City Garden and Stay Apartments should be added on the REVIEW list

16429835 - after many tries to get rim of him and his request for refund. I called Atli and he approved full refund.

Have a great day!

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