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For emails that are sent from the Godo Property PMS will be sent from the email of your accommodation, it’s important that all the information is correct.

If this is not correct, the system uses an email from Godo to send emails to clients.

Below is information to configure the settings. Key elements checking where your email is being hosted.

If you are using Gmail, then you should save this information:

            Mail server: smtp.gmail.com

            Use encryption: SSL

            Port number: 465

            User name: [Your username for your email]

            Password: [Your password for your email]

If you are not using Gmail, but any other local company, please contact them and get the following information:

            Mail server:
            Encryption: e.g. SSL or TSL

            Port number:

The mail server is the server that sends the email, username is the username to your email account, password is the password to your email account, encryption is the type of encryption and port number is the number of the port which lets email through.

These instructions are in 9 steps.

There are 5 steps to configure and set up Gmail, if you are not using Gmail, you can skip to step number 6.


Step 1:

Go to www.gmail.com and if you are already signed in, then this menu will be shown:

In the top right corner, where you can see a icon showing four boxes, please click that and then this menu will be shown, in step 2:

Step 2:

Please click “My account”.

Step 3:

Please click “Security” and Turn on access under Less secure app access. 

Step 4:

This is the step where you sign in to Godo Property (https://property.godo.is).

Please click “Settings”, which is on the last item on the menu bar.

Step 5:

Please click “Account”, which is located on the left side, close to the bottom.

Step 6:

When you click “Account”, a sub-menu will appear, then you click “Outgoing Email”.

Step 7:

Here you need to fill in all the fields which has a “red arrow” (according to the picture below).

Here, you use the information that are on the top of these instructions.

Below, you can see an example of this filled out as if you are using Gmail:

Sending email address: This is your email address (example: bookings@hotel.com)
Descriptive sending email address: This is an optional field, but within the quotation marks that will be the name of the sending address. Example: “Reseervations from Hotel A”, would be the displayed sender, instead of “bookings@hotel.com”.
Mail server: This is the email server that is used by your host.

Username: This is your username for your email account.
Password: This is your password to your email account.
Use Encryption: Encryption, your email provider host will tell you which one to use.
Port Number: Port number which allows emails to pass through. Your email provider will tell you which one to use.

When all the criteria have been filled out, it’s important to press “send test email”, as you can see in the picture above.

If you will get an error from Godo Property, then you will get an email from Gmail that tells you that someone has been trying to access your email. Godo Property needs to access your email through the PMS. The email that you will get from Gmail looks like this:

It’s important to press the link that the arrow points too and follow the instructions.


In some cases it is important  to go even further in this setup as Google has added more security so you might need to add an App Password to use in the "Outgoing email settings" instead of your normal email password.

Please follow these instructions:

You then have to put the 16 digit code in the password field in the outgoing email settings in Godo:

                                                                                                                                                                        Next page

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