When creating an email template in auto action, this is the workflow that will mitigate the issues with malformed HTML:

  1. Take the original code for the email and run it through the validator to see if there are no unclosed tags or other similar issues. There are some text editors that can do basic validation as well.
    We can recommend Atom (https://atom.io/). For email templates, the HTML tables <table> should be used to create the basic layout, rather than divs.

  2. After the check, copy the correct original valid code and run it through the Mailchimp inliner:

  3. From the inlined code, copy the part of the code from the first <table> tag until it's closing tag and paste this into the auto action.


Blank editor

When the editor opens up blank, it is usually caused by malformed/corrupt HTML. The validity of HTML can be checked by this validator:


Broken links

Special characters might need to be escaped to be displayed/used correctly:

Another way how to avoid using special characters is to use som URL shortener,  e.g. bitly:


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