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few calls, lots of new bookings, stay, pay issues short and long terms, reports for today/3/7/14 days; non-refundable - other properties; stracta, reviews.

- Stay Apt. E - a mad and cold guest expected reception and he was pissed why there is not. He had troubles with the front door key code.

-Possible bug with the automated charged, tickets to Internal IT sent

-At one moment I had 0 tickets in New Bookings group, 15 min later 5 pages of past bookings on airbnb for Solgerdi, Akureyri GH and MAR GH.

-In Skeggi apartments guest complained about the mold, stated it's health hazard, ticket in stay open

I think that was all for tonight. It was busy but calm night. 

Have an awesome day! :)

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