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few calls, new bookings, stay, reports for today 3/7/14 days, pay issues short and long terms, reviews airbnb and up-to-date.

-Electricity went out in Nordurey Hotel City garden due to street repairs. The power was out from 10pm - 6am. Thordis spent the night in the hotel in case anyone needs anything. 

- a review suggestion for Heradskollinn Apt. - more signs or numbers around the building needed (The guest said: If you need to go to number 3 you naturally go to number 5)

- BAD REVIEW - Nordurey Hotel City Garden -  rated 3 - never again, comfort room has no comfort, breakfast very poor

 Lik Disliked · We booked this hotel as the end of our tour for 3 days and were just disappointed. 

First of all there was no reception for check-in or check-out. We received a code via email, 

which we used to get to the entrance to the house and into the room. The comfort double was an impertinence. 

As soon as the door to the room was open, you were already at the bed with your knees. 

The room is definitely too small for 2 people with 2 suitcases. There wasn't even a closet where you could put your clothes, 

let alone unpack your suitcase. The passage between bed and furniture was about 30cm on all sides. The room was not equipped with a kettle, 

but with a fan! what do you need a fan for in Iceland ?! Even in summer it is no more than 23 ° C in Iceland. 

Breakfast is also not very appealing. a small open room, where the cleaning lady drives through with her cleaning car in the morning, 

was very appetizing at breakfast. There was basics, bread, sausage, cheese, butter, cornflakes. The coffee from the machine was completely burned, 

there was no cocoa powder, only water or apple juice. Due to road closures, we wanted to cancel the hotel for the time being, 

which was no longer possible - but in other hotels we did. Not a good service. and as I said, the front desk was not staffed, 

where you could have expressed your wishes or concerns. We will not come back here, there are nicer and better hotels, 

which are also more centrally located. The towels were totally shredded.

Otherwise, calm shift :)

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