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kinda busy night, more calls than usual, stay, new booking, pay issues short and long terms, reports for today 3/7/14/non refundable/stracta, invoices stay and stracta, many many tickets to Internal IT sent about pay issues bookings that were charged on Borgun/Korta.

- Stay Apt. Einholt - front door key code didn't work properly. I had to buzz them in. 

- City Square Garden - Halga called the the key code for Apt. 63 didn't work. We double checked few times and it still didn't work. There are guests coming in today, it should be fixed. Still.. check again with Krystyna

- A guy that wanted to make a reservation, claimed that he is a businessman that didn't know what is Internet, Mail or credit card and was interested in my boob size :@

- 16645936 - please double check on if we received the payment 

- 15872079 - Laki Apt. - the guy with the broken glass claims that he paid for the penalties. Pls, check with AirBnb

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