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Calm shift, couple of calls, stay, new bookings, pay issues short & long terms, reports for today/3/7/14/stracta/non refundable, few canned responses, reviews on Airbnb and up to date

-The front door code for Vibrant was not working (3636). Stefan told me that Joel should update the key codes, he didn't know the code at the moment. Nostra informed me that the key code is 1234# (I think temporarily)

- I noticed few unanswered messages on from 11 Jan and 22 Jan. No tickets in fresh desk for those messages. I answered them anyway.

- Olof responded to one of my msgs where the instructions I gave to the guests for Posthustraeti 13 were not right. Basically, to open the key box that is with black button that you press down to open after you put 0077. I added this in Solutions. (FD #431868)

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1. Vibrant, remote lock were put up yesterday and code system should have been changed for our auto emails. Joel will do this today 31. jan and I will change solutions

2. We spoke about this Martina and I - she says this time it was for Solgerði. 

3. I read her message, I will fix this in the saved message on airbnb and check our emails.

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