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Worked in pro task, stay, new booking , lots of calls, lots of mail, bookings.

*Sent ticket for IT internal for 17003004, 17003860,17003332, 17004278 System didnt charged after 2 hours, non refundable bookings.

*Sent ticket for IT internal for 17004263,17004387 system charged on Korta, no changes on Godo not changed the flag, nor the balance.

*Guest Agnes called booking number : 17000394 to inform us she updated the cc, talked to Stefan, he told me to charge it and if successful to let her in. Charged it and gave the new key code generated for the reservation via phone. She apologized for the cc problem. I have not provided the master key code. Stefan will go there tomorrow.

*Regarding the pro task ticket that Vladimir opened  BN#16870147  Guest replied on Extranet that his colleague said there was no hairdryer in apartment. What should we do? 

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