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many calls, new bookings, stay,  invoices for stracta/stay.

-Akureyri HI Hostel the door bell did not ring - guests had to call from their phones

- MAR GH had a low cold water pressure from 21:00-22:00 - guests are informed

- Really positive feedback from a guest in Katla :)

- Two bookings for Arnarrstapi Cottages received a key code for different cottages than they are assigned for: 16795165 (received a code for 11 - in our system they are in 7); 16630715 (received a key code email for 13 and in our system they are in 6) - This happened first time to me a situation like this. What should we do when this happens?

- long conversation with regarding the automatic reply the guests receive when they cancel the booking (Forced Circumstances). I told them to agree only on what we approve, not to do everything on their hand.

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hjalti  moved this booking from cottage 13 to 6 in godo system on tuesday, the guest had already received the code for nr 13 when the move was done and no new code was sent - þmó 7.2.

Same with cottage nr 11. 

i have texted Hjalti that if he moves a booking he needs to send a new key code email or let us know!

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