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stay, new bookings, few calls, reviews and messages on AirBnb up to date, canned responses, reports for today/3/7/14/stracta/non-refundable, pay issues short & long terms, invoices stracta/stay apt., went over solutions for Rustic

**Should we report anywhere if we find a standard rate in the non refundable reports - other properties (e.g. 16102695)

Hi Martina,

Booking 16102695 (master of 2) is booked on Standard rate. 

However, the other booking: Booking 16102696 (group of 2), is made at a Non-Refundable rate and I guess this is why the whole reservation is listed in the Non-Refundable report.

Yes Kristina is right, unfortunately when booking 2 or more rooms on you can book 1 on Non refundable and 1 on standard rate. Then both of them will appear in the Non refundable Report.

But please report things that you are unsure of with a ticket to PRO Support 

i.e. if it isn't a pay button issue then other issues can be reported to me and Erlingur in Pro Support :)

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