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20.7 - 24.7 Patrycja

This weeks have been a crazy week since @Þóra is on the summer break me and @Erlingur have been supporting Macedonia staff and helping them out when needed. 

It´s been also very busy in the booking office and everyday I have about 3 - 4 pages of e-mails and booking requests mostly from Icelanders. Phone has been calling non-stop this week. 

I still haven´t calculated TA rates for Post-Plaza Guesthouse and Stay Apartments but it´s on my to-do for Monday. 

Norðurey Reykjavík Road Hotel is now close and I´ve been dealing with moving all confirmed groups to the City Garden Hotel or finding an alternative especially for Katla DMI groups. 

Something new that we needed to work on is Ferðagjöfin ( goverment gift), this is a huste....


e-mails, phone calls, invoices

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