Start by going to 'Settings' → 'Guest Management' → 'Auto Actions'

Then select the property the E-mail is applicable to. 

After that you can hit the "+Create New Action"

To open an Action click "Edit".

Auto Action - Trigger:

E-mails can be property, room and unit specific. Also you can choose when the post is sent out.

If you would like to send out a post E.g. 2 days prior to arrival you should keep your Trigger Event on "Check In" 

And the Trigger time to "-2". 

Note: To activate a E-mail "Trigger Action" Should be set to Auto or Manual.

Auto: Will send out all E-mails automatically

Manual: E-mails need to be sent manually through a booking. 

Don't forget to hit Save after changes!

Example of Booking Conformation E-mail setup - Arrives immediately: 

Example of E-mail arriving 2 days prior to Check In:

Auto Action - Email (E-mail):

Name your Trigger

Send Email settings: Guest and CC: Email Address

Insert a Subject

Edit your Email text


Example of auto functions within your trigger: 

Your reservation is as follows:
Total number of guests: [NUMPEOPLE]
Accommodation: [ROOMNAME]
Total of [NUMNIGHT] nights. 

By inserting these functions within your trigger the name of the guest and following details will be inserted.

Inserting Pictures:

To insert pictures to your mail:

Go to Settings → Booking Page → Pictures → and upload your picture. 

Grab the URL Visible beneath the picture.

When you have the URL go back into your Trigger Action and Edit your Email Text:

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