You can send a report (Gistináttaskýrsla) to Hagstofan now directly from Godo.

Please follow these steps:
Note the "setup" is a one time setup to connect Hagstofan to Godo,. 


  1. Settings  >  Properties  > Description
    Fill in the Hagstofa ID for given account. This step only has to be done once for each account.
    1. Property description > Property Template > field Company ID (kennitala)
      Fill in the kennitala for each property. This step only has to be done once for each property.

    2. Property description > Property Template > field Hagstofa ID
      The ID has to be requested from Hagstofa and filled in for each property. It is the same number as the one that is used as a login when accessing Vefskil of Hagstofa.

  1. You can affect the room types which will appear on this report by including or excluding them from reporting.
    Settings  >  Properties  > Rooms  > Setup > field Include in reporting

Handing in the report

        1. Go to Standard Reports and choose the dates from the first day of a month to the last day of a month

        2. The report will be calculated for all properties that have the Hagstofa ID filled in.
        3. The Gistináttaskýrsla report is on the bottom of the page. Press Show.  If several properties have the same Hagstofa ID, they will be grouped together.
        4. New tab opens and the report is generated. Check the figures on the report/s  and press the Send to Hagstofa button. You will receive a confirmation when the report was sent.

Please note: 

  • The report can only be generated for past months.

  • It is only possible to generate the report for one whole month at a time.

  • Only bookings that have status New/Confirmed are counted into the statistic.