Now you can send standard and custom reports with email. 

A Routine is an action that can be programmed to occur at a specified date. It will send a pre-canned Email with an attachment to a fixed Email address.

To set it up please navigate to  SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->ROUTINES.  


Enable: Yes 

Name: Give your Routine a name so you can have a clear overview of your routines. 

Frequency: Set the frequency of the routine to trigger (daily, every Monday, first day of the month, etc.)
Time: Set the time of the day at which you want the routine to run. The system will use the time zone you set. 

Email to: The email address of the recipient. Add multiple recipients one per line.

Email Subject and text: Enter the email subject and text that will be sent. 

Report: Choose the report that should be scheduled. 

Property: If you have access to multiple properties, choose here if the report should apply to all or a specific one.