Rapyd to Valitor Migration

Modified on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 11:36 AM

This is a migration that has to happen due to the Valitor's acquisition of Rapyd. All of our clients, who have been using Rapyd, will be migrated. There are no actions required on your end. We are working in coordination with Valitor and we will test the new connection and monitor it.

Has you contract been migrated?

You can see if your contract has been migrated when you open the Paybutton and select the currency of your Valitor contract. The name of you new contract will look like this:

Hotel name + currency + R2V (R2V means Rapyd to Valitor migrated contract)

Example: Hotel Puffin ISK R2V

ISK vs EUR Valitor Contract

Please note, that Valitor ISK contracts are not working with other currencies. In case you have an EUR contract with them, this one works with multiple currencies.

Valitor is automatically creating ISK contracts for all clients. EUR contracts are created for clients, which have been doing transactions in EUR in 2022. In case your contract has been migrated already and you do not see a payment processor for a currency you are normally using, you'll have to request Valitor to create it and we will enable the contract for you in Godo.

Issue: No Payment Processor Found

In case you see the following message, you might need to change the currency of the charge you are working on or you need to request a EUR contract from Valitor.

After changing the currency you should see the payment processor appear and you should be able to charge.

Issue: Payment Link failing

In case you or your guests see this error, it usually means you are trying to charge the card in a different currency then the link was authorized for. This applies also for the option "Only add card" - the currency of the payment link before it's generated needs to be set up to the currency in which you will be charging.

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