Tabs inside your booking:


Includes information about Check in or Check out (if used) and information from Channel Managers E.g. "Genius booking" from

You can also create your own Codes within 'Settings' → 'Preferences' and these can be used for reporting. Info tab also keeps logs of Credit Card declined or No show if reported through Godo Propertry to


How to change units within a booking? Units with ® behind are not available (only visible if more than 1 unit is available)


Note: Here you can also insert a Reference/Voucher ID and if you want to create new flags this is done in 'Settings' → 'Preferences'.

Channel Modification: To ensure no changes are made to your reservation inside Godo Proerty, you can set your booking to 'No' or 'All except Room Change'. 

'No' will not allow any modification made to the booking. 

'All except Room Change' will only allow room change for your booking. 

Charges and Payments:

Upsell: For example Breakfast, Wine etc.

Note: Upsell items are created in 'Settings' → 'Properties' → 'Upsell Items' 



E-mails are adjusted within 'Guest Management' → 'Settings'

Guest History

Log: Any change made to a reservation is logged specific per user.

How to edit Groups:

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