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Prior to integrating your TTLock with the RemoteLock Portal, your device must be connected and registered in the TTLock application. The process below will walk you through connecting your Lock and Gateway via the TTLock application prior to connecting the account to RemoteLock.

If you have already completed this process, you can skip to the Integration Instructions

Step 1: Download the TTLock App and create an account using either your email or phone number. This will be used to connect the TTLock and Remotelock accounts.
Sign into the app: 

Step 2: Add Lock

Select 'Add Lock' from the menu. If there is not already an existing lock, the following home screen displays.
Either 'All locks' or 'Door lock' can be selected on the 'Choose Lock Type' screen.

 image9.png image2.png

The app will search for any nearby TTLock and list them once found.
Select the + sign next to the found device to be added. Once the process is complete, it will prompt to name the device.

image6.png image10.png

Once this step is completed, the lock will work with the TTL App via bluetooth, but the WiFi Gateway still needs to be set up to complete the integration with RemoteLock.

The lock will be shown on the home screen of the app. If there are multiple devices, you will see a list of locks to choose from.

Step 3: Connecting the WiFi Gateway

The process of setting up the gateway is also completed via the TTLock App.
From the Hamburger menu, select 'Gateway' and choose the '+' icon.
Select your gateway type.

          image20.png image14.png

The next screen walks through connecting to the gateway to WiFi.
The network must be 2.4Ghz

Select the correct network, enter the password, and press 'OK' to connect. Once connected, it will search for locks to connect to the Gateway.
   image5.png image12.png

When a lock and gateway are paired you will see the status of the Gateway and the number of the locks connected.

Make sure to set your auto-lock to under 60 seconds during setup, otherwise auto-lock will not properly sync and display

Troubleshooting Steps:  

The TTL App is very successful in alerting where you may be going wrong and likely next steps.

If the lock is not powered or Bluetooth is not enabled, the following error displays: “No Lock(s) found. Please ensure you are within 2 meters of the Lock and Bluetooth is enabled on your Phone.”
Ensure the batteries are in and you are near the lock.
You can also press a key on the lock to wake it up, which sometimes assists in expediting the process

    image11.png image17.png

Step 4: Connecting the TTLock account to RemoteLock 

Sign into your RemoteLock Account at Select the 'Integrations' tab, and choose the TTLock tile. 

Select " Add Account " and log in using either the email or phone number you used to create your TTLock account and your password. If using the phone number option you must enter +, the  Country Code and Phone number. If you only use the phone number you will receive an authentication error and be unable to log in. 

If an incorrect email/password is entered, an "Authentication failed" error will display. Press the back button in order to enter the correct login credentials for your TTLock account.

Once the correct credentials are entered, you will be redirected to import locks:


The locks associated with the TTLock account will display.
Choose the devices you would like to import.
The lock must be assigned a location. If you receive an error, click the 'Back to RemoteLock Dashboard' link and create a location.
The name of the lock can also be modified on this screen under Custom Name.

If the lock is not connected to the internet prior to the integration process, you will receive the error "Please make sure your lock is online and connected to a gateway":

Follow the original process to connect the lock to WiFi, and ensure the gateway is plugged in. If the error still appears, restart from the beginning.

You have now successfully integrated your device! Lock(s) will reflect on your dashboard, and you now have the ability to assign access for Guests and Users.

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