Go into Account Management (You have to be logged into the owner/main account of the property)

Input the password, click Create New Sub Account

You have to fill out the following:


Password - Remind them to swap this out as soon as possible.

E-mail (For password recovery for example)

Role dictates the access this login will have.

Now you need to find the property in the list below, make it Writeable on all 3 options. Do not forget to click SAVE before you continue.

Now you have to copy settings from another account so they will both show the same information and work the same

Go back into Account Management

Click Clone Account Settings.

What you need to copy from the account:

  1. All Front Desk

  2. Everything in settings->Account-> Preferences

  3. System Notifications - E-mails sent to (Settings -> Account -> Host notifications)

  4. Export Data (Settings - Channel Manager)

  5. All Custom reports

Copy and finished!